It Ain't Easy Bein' Greene

But a Photo a Day Shows You All My Best Angles…

Day 1530 – Disney Eat Your Heart Out



Taken by Shannon Coco

Day 1529 – Stop


Taken by Simon Greene

Day 1528 – Up Close


With the leg of my trousers…

Taken by Simon Greene

Day 1527 – You Spin me Right ‘Round


Today’s photo is up simply because I somehow managed to make the background blurry and not me. Maybe it’s just me that thinks this is great!

Taken by Simon Greene

Day 1526 – Simon Finds Some Foreign Coke


Taken by SineƔd Mulligan

Day 1525 – New Kicks


Heading to training this evening and one of the guys decided to catch me in my natural habitat – midway into buying a coffee. Check out the new runners also!

Taken by Paul Quigley

Day 1524 – Surveillance


Talk about Big Brother watching you..

Taken by Simon Greene

Day 1523 – Birthday Boy


A grown ass man is allowed to play on a swing on his birthday, it’s in the rules!

Taken by Shannon Coco

Day 1522 – BNO


A few pints with some pals ahead of my Birthday.

Taken by Simon Greene

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