My name is Simon and this is my one photo a day photo blog (plog as my girlfriend affectionately calls it.) This is a self-portrait photo blog that I have created not for vanity’s sake but for several other reasons. One being an experiment to see if I could and to see if I was able to be original as possible in doing so, but more importantly as an art project and as a memory.

If you look at the blog you will notice that while I, or some part of me is in each photo, in most I am not the subject of the photo. Because of the nature of the blog I have to be in some capacity in each photo, but after Day 2 or 3 you will know what I look like so having me as the subject daily would quickly become monotonous.
I decided to start this photo blog after seeing a man named Jeff Harris take one self-portrait a day over the last twelve years battle through cancer and still keep it up. It was inspiring to see and it seemed like an amazing idea to record my life as I am not much of a writer, I would not keep or in fact read a diary. After seeing his blog, I decided to start taking self portraits and after only a day or two, my fiancee suggested that I start this blog so that it would force me to do it even on days that I didn’t much feel like finding something to photograph (which you will see are numerous.)
My family have never been much for taking photos so it had never been a consideration to me before but it’s never too late to start and I hope that I can keep going!

I hope you enjoy the photo’s and I will be putting up new ones regularly so follow me and watch as I do my best to make everyday life as interesting as possible!

All the best,