It Ain't Easy Bein' Greene

But a Photo a Day Shows You All My Best Angles…

Day 1521 – Hate Crime


Starbucks spelled my name right. They must not like the look of me or something..

Taken by Simon Greene

Day 1520 – Eggball


I got the largest Easter egg I have ever seen as a thank you present today. Played football with it a little bit until it broke..

Taken by Shannon Coco

Day 1519 – Tinkerer


Taken by Simon Greene

Day 1518 – Nutrition


Fancy new protein bar, I had to show it to my brother.

Taken by Simon Greene

Day 1517 – Always Watching



Taken by Simon Greene

Day 1516 – Reapers @ UCD


A loss for my first game as a coach…

Taken by John Whelan

Day 1515 – Mucked


Today I did a 10k cross-country obstacle course race. It was a lot of fun, although a lot of it featured freezing cold bodies of water! I came 16th, too!

Taken by Simon Greene

Day 1514 – The Bucket


I’ve been making my own coffee in work and charging myself every time I have a cup for the past 8 months or so. Time to start counting!

Taken by Simon Greene

Day 1513 – Scandal


I think…?

Taken by Ciarán Reinhardt

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